Today, I gave in...

Man who knows no purpose is at risk and danger for his life.

There are some days that you feel like you are on top of the world, other days maybe enough to get by and feel unaffected by it. Today for me is more like the days you wish you need not have to go through, there is a pretty good success rate that it will make you feel pretty shit about yourself. I wholly accept that today is that day. Rather than fighting it as how I would have usually have chose to do, I am accepting it and when I am done with it,(fingers crossed) I can leave it behind and move on. 

I feel we can always strive to reach what our ideal end goal is, but not put so much hope in the packaging of the results. Like a machine that is not perfect, it will always have some kinks to work out here and there.. Well, this is one of my kinks to fix. 

Trying to find ways to not be so hard on myself when there are moments or days that I don't work on what I tell myself that I should be working on. It really easy to talk myself down and reduce the value of how I see my self worth. It is much more challenging to build yourself up. If I do not believe in talking others down, or belittling their worth, why would I do that to myself? I can't answer that but I think that is a good question to ask.

Maybe not doing the right thing once in awhile and enjoying it helps keeps things fresh, in perspective and REAL. I mean, what is there to loose? As long as no one gets hurt in the process. 

Looking forward to keep track of this, hopefully with lighter and much more positive news to express. 

Much love x
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