About Me

Wendy Huei Wenn

Hi there =)

I am an INFJ who is made in Brunei, born and bred in Malaysia. I have stayed in Brunei, studied in United Kingdom, worked in Jakarta and now I am back in my homeland.

I love my family and friends! A lover of books, clothes, travelling, diving and deep conversations! Always willing to try something new at least once, not really picky on food. An overall perfectionist and a complex being. I am on a constant ever changing journey, trying to make it memorable the whole way through and making it work in this life whilst wondering where does this all lead to :)

I have had this blog for a very long time and during the course it has died and been revived many countless times. It holds many memories that are dear to me and now it is going through a journey of discovering what it could evolved to. It started as Violetcraze, now it has been rebranded as Oh My Words - as a sign of growth from a simple purple lover to now a grown woman who dreams of showcasing her creative side to the world one day through her work and words.

This is a blog for me to express the person I am. We all need an outlet for expression and sometimes it feels good to share even if it is to unknown people.