About Me

Hi there =)

Photo Credits to Neo Sheryiin

A brief introduction about me.

A Malaysian, Interior Design graduate. Currently working and living in Jakarta, Indonesia as a Marketing Executive. Gotcha! Thought I would describe myself as a designer working and living in Jakarta?

I'm someone who goes with the flow, loves books, clothes, travelling and deep conversations. Always willing to try something new at least once, not really picky on food but can be very particular on other things, loves to smile, can never sit still for long. Just working her way through life, wondering where does this all lead to.

This is my blog where I write about the on goings of me and sometimes the things around me. I don't write much about reviews or teach or introduce new things to the readers. This is just a blog for me to express the person I am. We all need an outlet for expression and sometimes it feels good to share even if it is to unknown people.