Hello, from Jakarta 2016

After my haircut, loving the short hair 
Hello :)
Happy New Year and its the first post for 2016, I am a bit late on the blogging and year end reflection post. I am already back in Jakarta for about a week, settling in and thought I sit down and share a brief update to date.

After 4 months, my wait to go home finally ended! Was really excited to see my family and friends. Apart from falling ill the day before flying home and a few hiccups with our transportation, everything was great. Managed to spend time with my family and also managed to shut away at for a couple of days in the jungle at Sekeping.

The days went by so quickly, the next thing I know... I am already packed and on my way to the airport. Tears will just welled up when I think about the goodbyes I have to make again. Separation is definitely not easy, especially when it is towards something you are not looking forward too. I cried in the car after leaving my brothers house :(

Fat Brigade begins!

It was a tough week, being back to this city and back to the office. I wanted to get out of it so badly, I so nearly did not want to go through with any of these any more. Just entered into the new year and I am already yearning for an escape. I thought I had the strength in me to stand by my decision and just pull through this, but now I am not sure how much will power I have left in me. Decisions can change.

meet up after 6 long months!

I have not pull the plug on this stint just yet, the new year brings new hopes and resolutions. Focusing on what I can do instead, distracting myself to not think about the negativity. Trying to be grateful of my circumstances, finding the good in every situation.

With love :)

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