Words of my thoughts

Feeling the transition, an awkward displacement of the physical and emotional area. My body is present but emotionally I am somewhat here and somewhat back at home. I just sat there, realizing that this is my life now. No longer will I have that hopeful feeling each month, I am afraid that now its the true test. It is bringing all sorts of thoughts to my head, struggling to distract my mind whilst trying to reel myself back in from the distractions I am used to, to use the time and energy just to reflect inwards. To dig deep, to answer unanswered questions, the ever searching quest of self discovery.

I cannot imagine where will all these lead to...

Most days, I feel the monotony of the daily life. I still yearn for the life back at home. But there are sparks of hope every now and then... that uncertain future that brings a bundle of hope. Telling me, there is a reason why this is my journey. My life experiences that will mould me into the person I am meant to become. I know I am not there yet, but at least I am paving my way through it. 

Having faith that everything will fall into it's rightful place.

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