This weekend

I witnessed a part of history being made.

I am part of change. I am able to witness and be part of the transition. 

Honestly, how eye opening is that? I cannot say or guarantee that it is going to be great from now on. I believe it is for the better, it is definitely time for its growth and change has to happen. But with an open heart and many possibilities I believe it is going to be an experience 

It is an opportunity to give it a try and not let my age stop me. It is unavoidable but it is worth keeping in mind that age does not limit your capabilities. It is a steep learning and growth curve.

This weekend was definitely something different. Gave me a glimpse of a different spectrum of how things are. A new perspective, and it gave me back that good feeling, hopeful prospect and opportunities. 

Lets go through this. Lets see where this will lead me.
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