Today's Sunday Story

Group photo at Putrajaya

About 2 weeks ago, I went for my first ever marathon, the distance was 6km. It felt so good to have managed to complete it in under an hour! I know a lot of people told me not to worry and that it will be easy but it took me some hardcore preparation and I have to say it paid off! The rush you get when you managed to cross that finish line. A big tick off my checklist! 

After a couple of days, I agreed to join for another marathon, this time for 10km. It was a 50/50 decision but I just decided heck! I should just go for it. I mean, what is the worse that could happen...right? I was thinking I could train like how I did for the previous run. Boy was I wrong! About 1 week later, I was starting to regret my decision, timing was out, my motivation was low and I was thinking that this time I will not make it through.

All I managed was a few days of preparation (even then, I did not managed to hit my goal distance). Had 2 gym sessions and then came today. To my amazement, I managed to complete a whole 10 km! Can you imagine my joy??? During the run, I started to loose my energy pretty early on and got separated from the others. This run was tough because a big chunk of the route is all uphill. I walked through that and jog sporadically. About 6km in, I started getting back some energy and tried to consistently jog. Digging out whatever motivation left I had (mainly because I wanted to qualify within the time limit and also for the medal!) I completed in 1 hour,19 mins and 47 seconds. Of course right now, my leg muscles ache like crazy and stairs is pretty much a pain. 

But I'm happy =)

I hope everyone else had a good day too!
Myself and Sheryiin after the run at Padang Merbok

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