Happy Friday Flyday~

Hello :)

Taking some time to blog, an excuse to avoid doing some of the things I should be doing. Mainly on researching, preparation and just things to tick off before it is too late. Days are now just a breeze, faster than I could grasp. The last two weeks or so was pretty down for me, it was subconsciously gnawing at me. It affected my mood, it affected my sleep, it affected my thoughts and I felt like I lost balance. Finally it is better now, so it is time to get the physical things out of way so it will not bug and haunt me. (I'm feeling so proud for saying this, I feel like such an adult and I'm actually trying to put thoughts into actions)

Moving because work, I am now understanding and feeling that it is not easy. I thought I would go through the same emotions as 2011, when I left for UK to further my studies. It was the only situation I have to compare to in terms of moving abroad for a period of time. This time, one can say it is a whole different ball game, the emotions I am feeling now cannot compare to what I felt 3 years ago. I am at a stage where I am learning and progressing into living my own life. Sharpening skills, achieving my own goals and building a life. Thoughts about ensuring my own financial stability, planning, being more in tune with real life issues and actually thinking about my future. Basically the whole 'grown up' factor about life.

I am still the same, in the way that I am still excited. That sense of adventure of the unknown and the uncertainty of what is in store for you is quite exhilarating. But this time, I will leave with an amount of reluctance.

"As human beings we are given access to the infinite, but we have to work for it; it doesn't come for free"

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