It seems that my last blog post was 4 months ago. Been so caught up with everything else that I have put this blog on hold, even with normal journal writing has been put on hold. This year, I will try to revive this space and improve my skills in blogging. I'm actually hoping to be more expressive and personal with this space.

Kicked off this blog by de-cluttering this space. Removing links I no longer visited and blogs that no longer exist. I think I clean up my blog better than I clean up my room.

I wanted to share my latest travel update :) My last trip of 2014! I went to Singapore :)

3 days 2 night trip with my travel buddy and it was fun. I love the ease of travel around Singapore just by using Ezylink card for its MRT and Buses. You feel safer walking on the streets and its easier to blend in. But I did feel that something was lacking for me :( I came home with something missing, a void that wasn't filled. Until now I cannot really pin point on what is it, but I am suspecting the lack of cultural exploration in the place. But I have a feeling I will be back again for more :)

 Till then,

toodles! xoxo
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