Thus Far...

Last post was written on 4th of April 2014, four months since the last time I logged in. How time flies?

Looking back at this year, I am trying to forage through my memory to list out the things I have done. At a glance it seems that this year is passing through like a cold breeze on a hot day. Short and quick. Many says it has been a bad year. Year of the Horse, brought many tragedies to us, our surrounding, to our country as well as the world.

But lets just try to recap on the good things that has happen. We tend to forget the little happy things and allowed the unhappy ones take control of our emotion. Here's my list of what has happened that made me happy :)

  1. Started exercising (join a gym and got a trainer to build a foundation)
  2. Got better in yoga class 
  3. Repainted a wall in my living room as well as my brother's living room
  4. Finding out that I am going to be an aunt! 
  5. Made a Kebaya for my brother's wedding
  6. Got my moles removed
  7. Went to Beijing and loved it
  8. Lots of meet up and hang outs
  9. Pub, Live Bands, Local singer song writers 
  10. Spending time with family
  11. Group trips
  12. Experiencing a Flaming Lamborghini (never again)
  13. Art projects
  14. Being rotated into different departments.
  15. Painting murals
  16. Volunteering for CSR programs
  17. Writing this post
  18. My friend opened up a cafe! 
  19. Drinking Chai Tea Latte...I really love Chai Tea Latte
  20. Starbucks sessions - Long talks, laughter and caffeine over dosed
  21. Eating yummy good food!
  22. Cheap bundle sneakers
  23. Going to Ikea-random money plant present
  24. Revamping my room
  25. Eating Indian food
  26. First time trying Pool 
  27. Attending KL Design Forum
  28. Saw how our buses were sprayed, how our cars are assembled 
  29. Creating a poster for work
  30. Celebrating birthdays
  31. First ever rave (won't be the last though hehe)
And the list just goes on and on...Just have to spend some time listing it out. It's really good to know that there is always something to be happy about. It may be random, or it might not make sense. But if it makes you happy, that is the only justification you need. 

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