Ramble Post

At last! The weekend is fast approaching, it smells so good as freshly baked cookies just hot out of the oven. Feels so good as though you're snuggled up under the sheets on a rainy day. Even if I don't do anything, the word weekend is just brings an amazing feeling. Unlike the times when I was working in H&M, weekends are a dread especially during closing shifts. 

Its my last week in this department, tomorrow I will be alone. I'm wondering what will I be doing? hmm Right now, I'm taking my lunch hour to focus on blogging. I took 10 minutes to eat my lunch today which to me was super yummy. Fried fish without any sauce with chili padi with plain white rice with no gravy and slight soy sauce is one of my all time favourite comfort food. The hit of the chilly with the fish and the blandness of the rice is the perfect combination. It's one of the most uncomplicated food but I don't think I can ever get bored of it. 

I have not got a topic on mind, but I just have urges to feel the keys tap under my fingers typing whatever random thoughts that passed through my head whilst music is blasting into my ears. I'm rather excited to be switching departments again. I feel it is about time to experience something different. On a plus side I get to wear my office clothes again. I never thought I craved to wear a crisp button shirt paired with a nicely tailored pants. Which by the way, it's only my dream to be able to carry such a crisp tailored look in the office. You can just feel the confidence oozing out and the feel good aura around that person. One worry going through my mind, is that I can't fit into my clothes. That weight I have gained from Chinese New Year is still not gone. 

I feel like drowning myself in this feeling, being in the moment with the beats and strings blasting through my ears. Feeling every emotion pouring out from the melody and its lyrics. Taking me elsewhere, renewing my soul. Coming back better and stronger than before.
toodles :)
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