Friday Flyday

A happy memory struck me when I saw this picture

I remember being at the Louvre with my travel buddy/bestie. She was bringing me around Paris as it was my first time but it was her second. We were taking pictures, you know those kind of pictures, so called model worthy pictures with a professional DSLR. Finding the right angle, waiting for the right lighting, adjusting focus and settings. Ahhh good times, good times. I remember it started drizzling, we had to look for shelter. We found some shade, we just sat there and sketched the Lourve. It was our attempt to sketch while travel, you know, since we're hipsters, design students backpacking around Europe as our graduation trip. Carrying heavy backpacks but when we go out, we wear prettier clothes to look more camera worthy. Budgeting the whole way, saving our cash to make it last. Looking out for each others safety and well being, walk till we can't walk and one of my favourites, splurging on beautiful postcards, taking the time to write them and sending them to our friends, family and even each other.

I miss everything about it :) it was a darn good time. 

Ahh, I think it's about time to re-inpsire and re-motivate. 

Much loves!
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