Day 1

First day at my new job! A glimpse of my childhood dream coming true perhaps? 

Last Saturday was my last day in H&M. I am surprised at my lack of sentimental value or surprised that I did not feel overwhelmingly sad even though I had a good time. I suppose I felt that I was ready to leave. But I am surprised that my colleagues bought me a farewell cake! I was too engrossed with taking instant photos with my Instax and trying to write my final feedback for someone. All I could come up with was a point and the next hour or so, I could only think about cake and pictures. I miss a lot of people there, not to mention the staff purchase! I'm glad I managed to find something nice for my manager as a thank you gift. I sure hope she finds it useful!

So I had my Sunday and Monday off which was kind of a bliss and a torture at the same time. Just two days loading myself with sleep is enough to send me towards an emotional turmoil. Every part of me just felt like working it off. Hmm I really should input exercise in my daily routine now. 

Which brings us to...Today :)

Arrived at work, spent my entire day trying to absorb information. I have not felt any nervousness or whatsoever, probably next week when I actually am going to work. But I am feeling some 'pressure' because it finally dawn to me that I'm not just gonna do 'work' or sit at a desk for a 9-5 job. I'm really actually going to try and achieve something. Something I have always wanted or envisioned myself being someone like that, I only hope I can really do my best and at the very least meet the expectation. 

Once our session was done, I drove home and by the time I reached home, I had a slight headache which was apparently very normal. That took me awhile to recuperate :) 

So since I have some spare time to chill, (I am not planning to exert whatever brain energy I have left, to avoid causing any permanent damage) I decided to blog! Yay :) *pats self on the back* 

I feel some of my motivation and my spirit revived. I'm very much looking forward to grow and develop and be a super human. haha jokes 

I guess that is all for today. Good night!
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