Working Holiday

It's been a while since I last wrote in here, habit of doing this is dying out. A lot has been going on, and it was pretty rough. But I believe things are getting better :) I'm currently in Penang, for work, helping out with the opening of the new store. It's my second day here and there hasn't been that many ups. Thoughts of wanting to go back home is here but after having a talk I realised things should be looked at in a different way. Rather than looking it in a negative way, why not look at it from a positive perspective! Yes, it is not easy, struggling to form teamwork, and to help the situation rather than fuel the drama. So 2 days down, 10 days to go for improvement.

Communication is key!

Overall I'm so glad to be able to come here, although I hoped to be part of the setting up, but being able to contribute to the process of making it better is just as good. Come on, I get paid to stay in a hotel with a room to myself, with daily allowances to work and develop at the same time! I'm enjoying the freedom and independence.

Right now I'm just chilling in my room and I thought since I have the chance, I could start working on my blog post again. So, from this trip I aim to eat lots of yummy food, gain some new experience + perspective, preparation work and shopping!

Final words for the night,

Don't allow anyone to let you question or doubt yourself or decisions. 

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