I'm already missing it

Flight got delayed, by the time I could actually step foot into my home it was nearly 12am. Exhausted from the hangover I have gotten from the previous night, the lack of sleep and the whole day event of jalan-jalan and cari makan. I just slept the moment my head touches my pillow. I'm home =)

Unfortunately, I woke up with a sore throat, a sign that I have gotten the flu. Great. Perfect timing. With a case study to do and a presentation to prepare, I just need to get as much rest as I could and rely on my antibodies. All the best :)

Past two weeks was an adventure, I guess anything different we encounter is an adventure. Made new friends, probably made new enemies at the same time *jokes* , re-kindled old friendships. Listened to a lot of stories and discoveries, dramas, witness tears and joy. Yes, it was difficult, yes it is still difficult but I can gladly say I did what I could and just wish everything turns out of the best. "What goes around, comes around"

Never thought I would miss it. Thought I would be so glad to come back, but no...I miss it already

Alright, right now I'm procrastinating. Nothing is done yet. whoops..till then, stay happy!

cheers :)

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