This lack of updates is becoming a habit and it is turning into my 'comfort zone' so blogging for me has turn into something that I do not look forward to...? Oh dear, that is unacceptable. 

I usually blog when I am bored, I have too much free time and probably being a 'wannabe' for wanting to share what is going on in my life and in my head. Being a keen bean. But lately, or rather for the past few months I have been engrossed with what goes on daily in my life, socially, emotionally and mentally.  So it comes to a point whereby I lost the urge to blog.  There was no need to share, no urge to discuss matters or subjects and just plainly sharing what goes on in this average persons life.

This must be one of the signs of aging! In nicer terms; maturing. 

Right now, I spend a huge chunk of my time working and my work takes up a lot of physical energy of me. Which somehow feels satisfying and very exhausting. It does not take up much mental energy of me. I made a decision to try something different. To change my course of direction in what I do. Studied Interior Design but decided not to pursue it for now. I just hope that things will turn out for the better this year and I believe design is a part of my life. I have an interest and appreciation for it but there are many ways to go about it. So as long as I am happy.

But lately, couple of subject matters were introduced to me and I had to rethink about what I am doing. It kind of scared me and I suddenly felt unsure about my direction. I suppose direction always changes, and we just do as we see fit. 

I just hope it all turns out for the best. Have dreams and goals, and always do your best and be happy.

I wish I could write more but I am in dire need of 'me time', rest and a whole lot of snooze. All I do now is work, eat, sleep, go out, and rot at home. I need to have a better time management so I could slot it things I want to or enjoy doing. Time management, motivation, will power and discipline. Qualities I currently lack of T_T *guilty*

Well that is all for now ! Until next time :)

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