Finally got my weekend off :) and that is by request. I can have the pleasure of sleeping in or sleeping late without having the nagging thought of being able to make it to work on time.


I was dealing with the accessories area for three days in a row. First day was like a bomb dropped upon me with the amount of accessories that I had to deal with. Second day was to follow up with whatever I had to do and the third day was just for 'fun' I suppose. Indirectly learnt a couple of new stuff, quite interesting to a certain extend. Seeing the stuff you helped set up being sold feels good. As though your effort is being acknowledged. My mental thought ; Buy people! Buy!!! 

Some designs gets sold so quickly that I am almost tempted to get one for myself.  Just to think that when I first saw that item months back, I did not like it and now I think it is actually quite okay. So fickle! 

It's been an exhausting week running around getting things done, over time and not to mention the insane hot weather we're currently having.

So tonight I am treating myself to a movie and tomorrow I get to spend some time with family. Before I go back to work on Monday.

Here's a song that I'm currently enjoying whenever it goes on the radio :

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