A broken heart

If it's true, then I am disappointed. Truly disappointed and hurt. Name calling will not help but for now it will ease some pain. Provides a cheap temporarily relief. All that you have said, promises you made it is all a lie. Where is the honour in what you've said? Questions, so many questions running through my mind, but I cannot compare. I cannot compare worlds and I cannot compare people. I am hurt but I have to move on. I thought I left you behind by leaving for home but now I realised that the fear I had from the very beginning was that I was the on who got left behind...
I got left behind because you had moved on.

It's so silly of me to try and make things memorable just so when I leave, it would be enough to hold us together until the next time we could meet. So it is time for me to box up the memories, every single one of them until I am ready to look at them with a different thought and emotion.

I hope she is what you need and I will find what I deserve, better than what it was and what I had.

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