It's the weekend!

:) :) :)

I don't know what is so magical about having days off, or whats so bad about having a temporary job but I just look forward to the weekends. Not just any weekends, I look forward to it because it is MY weekends :P

It has been about a month now since I'm back. Still there are things and situations that I need to get used to. Feelings and emotions I need to have under control. True words spoken when someone says it is easier said than done. I knew it, I understood what it mean, but I definitely did not realise how it would feel and affect me.
Few weeks of me coming back home being so tired that it turns to frustration and negativity. It is bad enough to feel frustrated but when you constantly share that frustration it becomes a pain to others. Sadly, I added more pain by being obsessed about finding a way or a solution for my undecided future. Obsession without any groundwork done is basically useless. Note to self : to sit down , get my head into it and do some solid groundwork before starting an obsession. 

All I can say, time is needed and there is so much room for improvement. Learn to let go and see things in a new light. Hence, I love my weekends :) I'm enjoying this arrangement for now because it gives me the time I need.

Have a good weekend ! Cheers

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