Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hello June

Without realising, about a month has past since my last update. Well, not an update but more like a bunch of words string together to form a sentence to express a thought as well as to indirectly inform people that I am still well and about and that nothing has happen to me (touched wood).

My 22nd Birthday
Photo credits to Neo Sheryiin.

I felt obliged to apologise for not updating regularly, but the last month was quite intense in some ways. Completing my work for portfolio submission, preparing for the exhibition and gearing up to move to a new place and trying to maintain my own sanity. Not like I am not the verge on insanity, but trying not to be swept away by the everyday on goings.

My 22nd Birthday
Photo credits to Neo Sheryiin.

BBQ Sunday
Photo credits to Neo Sheryiin.

Glad to say I'm finally done with that! It's a bitter sweet end. Just as I am done with the hand in, it was time to focus on moving out. Before you know it, people are packing up and saying their goodbyes. Everything is moving quite fast before my eyes. It is hard to not try and hold on and try to slow these occurring moments down. Simply enough, I was not ready. A friend then told me, life is tough like that and it hit me how true that statement was. Thankfully, I had my packing to focus on and going on Skype with my family was a good way to distract myself.

BBQ "ommm"

Push forward a couple of days and here I am in my new place. I still feel a longing for the environment in halls, only because of the things I have learn, the good times and people I've seen, met and made friends with. All the laughter, cries, awkward moments, good and bad conversations. Years from now, this might feel like a dream, a dream that began from another dream.

Teaching Max the "lala" pose. I think we execute it well
Photo credits to Neo Sheryiin.
Now, I'm dealing with not having much to do. Which is a much harder thing to adapt to than being occupied.  The initial idea I had in mind to do has to be put on hold for awhile, and I'm accepting that such processes might take some time before it is possible. If all goes well, I would be out and about travelling, hopefully opening my eyes, mind and heart a bit wider. 

Hello buddy :)
Photo credits to Neo Sheryiin.

I am looking forward to the day my parents come for my graduation. Another wish came true, for my parents to travel and see the world more. :) fingers crossed that this will be the starting point for them to step their foot on to many different lands across the world. 

Okay, back to watching Big Bang Theory :P

Wishing everyone a good day and a great Summer ahead.

hello :)
Photo credits to Neo Sheryiin.

Till next time!

Photos are bits and bobs that happened within the month of May.

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