Places 3

Last stop after Brighton was Bristol.

Lets get down to business! =)
Better blog about this before I forget the details.

Stayed at YHA Bristol which was a very nice hostel to stay in.

Very comfy and worth the price. 
The middle building =)

Reached Bristol at night, and was very much surprised that there are are shops which are still open.
I remembered feeling so cold, and my feet really didn't wanna walk any more. 

It sounds a little pathetic but I was cold and hungry. Literally! 

Checked in, settled down and then went out to get some food. After eating, took a shower and went straight to bed and slept like a log till morning. :)

From the window of the hostel, you get the view of the pier.  Opposite there is Zsa zsa Bazaar. A famous food eating area, quite pricey from the looks of it.

Finally had a typical English Breakfast before heading to some touristy spots.  One of the places was M Shed. Basically an interactive museum regarding history of Bristol with other on going exhibitions. Quite interesting, very fun for kids to go have a look.

Bristol is more of an artsy place. Spotted this artwork on a building wall and there is more that could be found on Nelson Street. Pictures below :D

Went to Bristol Museum and it was a nice museum. I did not get bored and a lot of interesting things to see. 
Got to see Leonardo Da Vinci's sketches which was really nice. Bought his book, consist of his paintings and graphic works.

Graffiti, art work on buildings on Nelson Street. So amazing! :D 

Not going to elaborate much on Bristol, I forgot most of the minor details. It's quite a nice big city. I'm sure there is much more to explore. Really glad to have seen this art on these buildings, brings a new experience to a place. Imagine that in Malaysia? haha

Toodles! x
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