Places 2

Continuing from the trip to London, the 2nd destination was Brighton. 
Been wanting to go Brighton for awhile. 
Fortunately, it was nice and sunny in Brighton, though I kind of wished it was a tad warmer =)

Got cheap tickets to Brighton from London, but it was to Hove Station. Which is about 40 minutes from Brighton central where everything is.

Being there, walking pass the housing area, it feels like it's a place where people are well to do.

I heard that most people from London stay here because it's cheaper in terms of living cost and they just commute to London everyday.

The houses were pretty big :)

Another thing about Brighton, is that its a place for gays to be. Known as the gay capital of England.
Can't help but feel curious when I see 2 guys chilling or walking together. Well dressed men. Not being judgmental, just very curious indeed.

I wished we stayed in Brighton a lot longer, apparently there is so much more to explore.  Like the 7 Sisters but that is way to far. Spent about 5-6 hours walking in Brighton. My feet wished it never had me as an owner. 

Walked along the beach and there is these little huts or cabins that are lined along the entire way. People purchase these cabins and they can personalize it.  I wished I could see more of it, the insides I mean. Some just kept chairs and tables. Some were homier and have stoves, shelves to keep cups and plate. I even saw some repainting the interior of it. =)

It was nice, because at first I thought they were public changing rooms. 

These fold-able chairs are around, for rent.  No one was watching over it, so we "borrowed" them for awhile and rested our aching feet and chill under the Sun.  Spotted a few people doing the same too. 

Guy with the portable piano =)

Walked to Gardner Street and there's this shop that sells a lot of second hand stuff.
Furniture, clothes, books, decorations,etc

=) a lot of analogue cameras!

Made a stop at the Royal Pavilion. The place looks nicer than I expected. Fact tells me that is has Indian characteristics on the outside and Chinese characteristics on the inside. But I did not go in, it is quite unique though, to have an architectural influence like this in Brighton.  :)

That basically concludes the day I had in Brighton. 
Sun, sea, stony beach plus fish and chips. 


Last stop...Bristol 

Cheers x
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