Why don't I have much updates? I just simply decide to leave out small bits of my daily life. Simply don't feel like sharing it.

This week month is definitely a splurge. Went to London, clothes, food, meds and tickets to watch the World's Second Best Orchestra on the 1st of April and no it's not an April Fool's Day joke. Price isn't too bad. 15 pounds for the world class orchestra. Why not? Never try, never know. 

London trip was good, tiring as usual but good. Had a minor mishap with my debit card and I had no cash. But luckily it wasn't a big problem. 

I had this week off, no classes :) but supposedly have loads to do. Note : Supposedly. Once again, a bit of a last minute work? When will I ever learn? I had a tough time in Sem 6 back in M'sia because I was forcing myself to do work all the time. Therefore I can't really remember much happy memories from it. This time, I'm just taking it easy. It's the last (probably) uni life I am going to get. But I do agree that I do have to spend some time working on it. I have not achieve this ideal balance yet.

Flu bug hit me second time this year. Just after I helped look after a friend, it decided to hit me, my immune system wasn't performing as well as I hoped. Woke up with a sore throat and an achy body. I was afraid that I would suffer as much as the last time, got my ass up to the shower and went to get myself 2 boxes of Tesco's Max Strength Cold and Flu relief sachets. Cheaper than those branded ones, but it worked! So far no fever and runny nose (phew!). Just minor sore throat.

About a week ago, it was a nice day out and decided to go for a walk at the beach. I think my mum would be glad to know that I now sometimes tie my hair all up. The way she always nag me to do but I blatantly refused. I kind of like it now, gets all the hair of my face and feels somehow lighter. I know what she would say to me. haha she would say, "See! I told you so"  =) Yes, mums are usually never wrong.

Anyway, that's about it for now. Hopefully I get the blogging bug back, and photography bug (that seemed to be long lost for the past 4-5 months) back!


Not much time left, a lot of decisions to make. I've been a follower, a goody two shoes. So now, what am I going to do? Leave it as it is or actually man up and do something about it? Both neither right nor wrong decisions. I just want to strip the fear and thoughts away, so I could just get to the core of it. Decide and do. 

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