This weekend

Saturday, 10th March, 5.45pm

It's quarter to 6 in the evening and you can still see daylight.  It isn't pitch black anymore. Spring is coming =) I heard its on the 20th of March.  First day of Spring.

one bad day doesn't mean it is the end of the world.
Just cause I'm not happy today or at different times of the day does not make me depressed or emotional just because of what I've been through. Does not make me any less of a happy person either.


Attempted oven baked fish. Overload it with vegetables, butter and lemon. It was successful! The taste of the fish was so fresh and yummy, I could just swoon. Only problem is, it takes a while to cook, like nearly an hour because its 2 halves of the fish instead of fish steaks and fillet. Scrumptious!

After dinner, met up with some friends to try a recipe I found. A 5 minute chocolate cake (microwaved) there were 4 of us, it kind of failed the first time round because we put too much flour. The fifth attempt was successful, cake turned out moist and actually quite tasty. Might give it another go!

Planning to try and bake some cookies sometime next week. Just to get my hands into doing something, rather than instant. Therapeutic activity. =)

Sunday, 11th March, 12.11pm

Slept so late last night, and I just woke up not too long ago. Fingers crossed that it will be a productive day. In preparation for Tues and Wed (hopefully)

Woke up to a slight panic attack. I hope I will calm down soon. 

Lately I have this pangs of homesickness, nothing majorly, but just mini pangs of wanting to be with my family. I am really trying not to try too hard for my uni work, just taking it easy. I think it is working, but there is no avoiding the feeling like if I will regret it. To think about it, it's much happier to take it easy rather than to be stressed out the entire time. You just kind of loose focus on other things. 

People might think I am mad, for not working hard for Uni, but I'm taking a chance and giving it a try. I've been trying so hard in this course for so long for a few years and I just thought, WHY NOT? I really have got nothing to loose, and just think if I do loose everything (which is not much at this point in my life) well then the test and challenge would be to start over and get back up.

Things that needs to get done:

  • Preparation/progress work for Tues/Wed which involves sketches and CAD drawings 
  • Researching for parents holiday trip when they come to UK for my graduation ( I really can't wait to see them ) Need to look at hotels/hostel prices, places to visit and travel methods. Gotta get started on that.
  • Job opportunities. Thinking and doing something about this is like diving into a huge lake, and I totally can't see the bottom. I'm more of a person that dives into other stuff that I know is fun, but in serious matters like this, I prefer to dip my foot first. So....advice? Start dipping and stop thinking. Literally STOP THINKING.
  • Interest based activities. Left about a couple more months here. Better get started ( I know it sounds a bit late but better late than never!) on trying out more things. I'm interested in checking out the volunteering activities they provide here.
  • Accommodation. This needs to get settled whether I like it or not. Just like job opportunities. I just keep pushing this aside. 
  • To stay on longer or not to stay on longer? To further study or not to further study?

Alongside with that, just go with the flow. =) Can't wait to go Ikea next week. hehe

Right, I'm gonna try to give my parents a call now.

with love!


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