Hello Monday :)

Last night, after chatting with a friend, I just K.O'ed on the bed, I think it was nearly 12am and I slept till morning. Waking up at certain odd hours, because of worry and also because it is a habitual thing. I had the weirdest dream, so complicated and just downright weird. Involves family, Audrey Hepburn, catching people, graves, dead people, traditional sweet deserts (Malaysian kuih) etc. =/

After being ill for about a week, made a terrible mistake of not wearing a couple more layers to class and repeated that mistake(!) again when I went for a talk in Uni at 6 in the evening. Shivered in cold on the way back home and spotted a fox! The next day I was down with a terrible cold, this time, worse than the first. So it took me about another week to recuperate which leads us to today. I'm still quite ill, sniffles, phlegm and cough. Have a review tomorrow, which I have absolutely done zilch. :( 

I feel bad, but the thing is, I can't even feel bad because there is nothing I could have done about it. All I could do was sleep in bed, oh and of course bake a couple of cookies. Yesterday's plan to get part of my assignment done was not successful, I got almost nothing done. So fingers crossed that my focus and energy level is not disappointing and pray hard that tomorrow will turn out fine. 

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Hello Justin Lim! Happy Birthdayyyyyyyy!!! Have a great one this year :D

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