What's up doc? It's February!

Hello there =)
It's been awhile, weather is as usual getting colder, 
and recently, my Facebook news feed is mainly about standing eggs and how Portsmouth is the only place that is not snowing at the moment. 

Snow Portsmouth, snow!!! *prays hard* hahahaha :)

Thank you Sheryiin for the pic =)
Click on the pic if you can't see it moving. 

Went to London in January, :)
For touristy purposes (Finally!) but I couldn't enjoy 100% of it thanks to cold and cough.

Overall it's good. Was not much of a rush, saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, British Museum (which was quite nice, HUGE! but nice ), Chinatown (with cheap Japanese food for 3 hungry people!)

I especially loved going to Lomography London. Get to rest and hang out there with the crazy Lomo Wall!
Played with the remaining Instax film we brought. Viva La Instant Pics! 


Tested the instax before going to London, took some group pics with flatmates. I think we need more pictures together somehow. Probably when it gets warmer, *fingers crossed* right now it is just way too cold. Face gets numb, skin gets extra dry, and your hands just want to stay snug in your pocket all the time. 

Got a workshop later, totally forgot about it. Thought it was on Wednesday but turns out to be today at noon! At least its not a class, just a workshop. Phew!

Saying, reading, feeling is easy. But actually doing it is scary. Lets just take it easy this month, just think "so what if you screw up? what is the worst thing that could happen? and in a few years time, say 5 years...would it matter?" 

with love. x

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