Keep Calm

Simple things really do bring joy.

They really do, sometimes, I find it frustrating that we are somehow drawn or suck into an environment (everywhere) that forces us to make things complicated. I am not sure, maybe the fact that drama, exaggeration is always much more appealing to human nature. Our greed. We always want more and it is never enough.  It's frustrating because it forces you to question and doubt yourself sometimes. We won't know what our true decisions are. 

It's not all that bad, we have what we have now because of it.

Right, putting that thought aside, I'm done with classes for the week! Had studio on Tuesday and mock up interview as well. Studio tutorial went pretty well, I find some of my tutors funny and cute. :)  After my tutorial was the mock up interview, which went pretty well. I like the fact that they care about your process and your enthusiasm in it. 

Current mood of the day : No rush, just go at your own pace. Chill like a turtle 

# I am feeling deep and reflective.

# The weather is lovely today, nice warm sun, cool weather. Bye bye thick heavy coat and crazy amount of layers!

# I like having my hair long and able to tie it up into a pony tail.

# I wish I had a longer walk, sometimes I just feel like walking and soaking up the environment.

# yay! bought fruits, need to eat healthily! Healthy food, healthy mind, healthy body = happy person :)

# I just feel calm and good :)

# fingers crossed that everything goes well. shall not expect and just go with the flow.

with love

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