Drink coffee and Be happy

Today is a gift, it is a good day. No matter how things go, it should always be a good day because of the presence of yourself. If things does not work out, it is still a good day. Appreciate.

I need to have something to think/do/be involve in something that does not just involve me and my work. 

Smile even when the day is seems gloomy.

Learning to be able to pick things up and let it go when you need to or just letting go even if its not what you expect from yourself is hard. But its something I need to learn. Harsh but true. Tough and necessary.

Reason with me and I will be fine. 

Had this moment that I was fine last night in the kitchen, I was actually feeling okay, the moment I enter my room, everything feel apart. Feels hard to accept, hard to open up, feels worrying, constricted. All the things that is pulling me back seems to come back.  I can't even go on, negative energy? It is so weird, I don't know what happened, only thing to do is sleep it off.

Random thoughts, stuff to make myself look forward to
  • love late night chats and spontaneous unexpected random activities like trying to list countries of the world
  • looking forward to studio
  • can't wait for the mock up interview
  • Pancake day!
  • try something new, attend something different. I promise to go (there! now I can't back out)
  • Do not care if I don't do it or complete it. "learn to let go"

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