Thank you 2011, hello 2012 :)

These aviator sunglasses are just so awesome I'm just gonna indulge myself in some self vanity. So bear with me. I promise I won't overdose this blog with vain pictures. Just cool ones. haha

Post about Spain is in progress, just thought I share this first. 

Anyway, wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! It's 2012! yay *throws confetti!* Another year older, another year wiser (hopefully) =). I know it's nearly 3 am here, somehow I am not feeling sleepy. Why this never happens when I want to do my assignments??

Celebrated my New Year's Eve in a pub, nice and quiet. Just enjoying good company and ambiance.

It's that time of year to reflect back on the happenings of 2011 and make resolutions for 2012. I'll try to make it short and simple which we all know it's nearly impossible for me to do so. =) 

It feels like as though it has been ages since I graduated from college, but it was only in March! Basically was done with my final year project, sort of gave it my all to get it done with so I could actually get out of that place. Words could not describe how glad I am to get over that "phase" in college. Those who know me know what I am talking about. 

But I wouldn't trade that experience for anything in the world. I've said this so many times, though it was rough, it made me who I am today, so cheers to that. 

After that it was bumming around and actually made the decision to further study. So started making preparations, bummed around and finally got a job for a couple of months. Went through another phase which was going through a job I hated.  I had nightmares and I even came home crying!  It taught me to trust my instincts ( did not like the boss and place when I went for an interview, but I was desperate for a job) and it helps when at times, you just carry a "I don't give a shit" attitude. 

Finally quit my job, continue preparing for further studies to UK, meet up with old friends, went to a few outings and rejected a bunch of gatherings. 

 I think the highlight for me before coming to the UK was when I won a ticket to UK through a lucky draw from a dinner that was organized by GEN Education. Not forgetting, after all the years of teasing and pranks from my dad, I finally gave him the ultimate prank/surprise. =) Best moment ever! 

The thing I hated was packing, how on Earth does one pack your life into 40 kg of weight limit? I pretty much left it till the last minute, panicked, worried and just accept. Leaving home was quite difficult too, I am happy to leave Malaysia but leaving family was quite hard. 

picture not related. but just too cute to not put up :)

Finally, I landed myself in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. =) To be honest, I didn't tell much people about me coming here. I knew that I was going to further study but I basically left out that information until the very last minute. So, in a way I'm sorry for withholding this piece of information, but then again, why should I give a damn and announce it to the world? 

 Coming here, is definitely a whole new adventure. So far, I am in love with every moment I'm here, for the good, the bad and the crazy. I am blessed to have made the decision to come here, and it helped that I did not come here alone. Made new friends, lost some friends, learn about a different culture, understanding people behaviour. It's a whole lot to digest! Not to mention, learning to be independent and to take care of myself. All that and learning to cope with the assignments, stress, worries, homesickness etc. I didn't like the fact I got homesick and that I had to miss my brother's wedding. But I'm glad everything went well and everyone is happy =D! 

I guess to summarize it all, everything that has happened even until now is an evolution. Change. I feel a huge change, I guess that is part of the parcel of growing. Who knows, a few months or years from now I might change and evolve again. 

I guess that's about it :)

Here's to a great new beginning of 2012.

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