Hauntingly Beautiful

Good morning! Finally got some proper sleep, dissertation's all done! =) I think it could have been better with the layout, images and text. But I should stop worrying, no way I'm getting it printed or re-bind it again.  Cost a bomb.  Hopefully it's okay! 

"Aal Izz Well" -3 Idiots (movie)
Right, in the mood of bombarding my blog with stuff. I'm sharing the love...


Alison Scarpulla makes HAUNTINGLY beautiful photographs. 

Read it off CoolGirlsShootFilm

I seriously wonder what is the process behind these images, how she develops her film and what is going through her mind! How does she do it?! 

Here's the LINK to her portfolio! 

I feel bad for under-using my cameras now. *guilty* But I will get back to it again. It is too expensive for me to get it develop here. Shall persevere, maybe it's time to go back to the Lomo's Rule " Don't Think, Just Shoot". 

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