• Dissertation is due in about a week. I can't wait to get over it, but at the same time I hate to rush it. 
  • Everybody is coming back! I don't have the whole flat to myself anymore, I can't blast the music at top volume but I'm still glad! 
  • GOODNESS, It's really 2012!  Everyone, enjoy your last year!
Before today, I've had the worst few days of the year. I was moody and very stressed out. I was either sleep deprived or sleep overdosed. Not to mention having weird dreams which you wake up remembering almost every detail.

I'm really wondering when will I every learn that if I am not busy enough, I'll get myself into situations like this. Moody, unhappy and just thinking too much, making me stressed out for no reason.  Might as well just give me a death sentence. But at least there's progress! I did something to make myself feel better again just because I got so sick of myself feeling so helpless. 

  1. Blast music at top volume
  2. Stop doing whatever it is you were doing.
  3. Start jumping,dancing, singing to the music. As loud or as silly as you wish.
  4. Take a long shower, make sure music is still on so you can listen to it.
It's very therapeutic and more importantly it worked! Felt great after that =) Perfect remedy. Either that or just exercise. 

Hmm, looks like it's going to be a longgggg night for me. I'm not feeling very fast and productive. haha I just hope I won't be seduced by my bed this time. 

Back to work,
Good night and good morning =) x!
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