Hello December, make it a good one :)

Goodbye November, you have given me a very interesting month :)

Right! I'm 5 days late with this post. December started off pretty good actually and November ended quite well!

It ended with a random flat party (because our flat is too quiet ) and for the first time, I drank until I feel like puking, which honestly, I have to say that it isn't much. I almost chundered ( a new term I learnt!) Which means vomit/puke. Was I drunk? I think I was, but it wasn't so bad. *Sorry papa! I know you told me not to drink until I'm drunk but I'm okay! No worries =)

Almost everybody :)

Basically November kind of settled me down a little bit. I've gotten a bit more random and silly, and at times I get a little bit homesick. It could get kind of lonely too, but it is not much of a big deal because it happens when I'm in Malaysia too. 

Apart from that, for the past year or so, I have this temptation and contemplation to have my hair highlighted in some funky colour.  Well, good news it, I finally got the guts and the opportunity to do it whilst I'm still young...? haha I don't want to regret not having ever tried something like this. 

Got re-inspired and made the decision to finally have my hair highlighted thanks to Sheryiin for sharing His Selfish Machine . Got really hyped up and now it's done! I have a couple more highlights to do but I'm waiting for the bleach to arrive. I ran out of them =(

Thanks Sheryiin for taking the pictures. I haven't have a proper shot of my hair yet but I'm feeling so excited that I'm just gonna share this one. 

My favourite part of the highlight! it's the back. It's much greener now. 

Oh my goodness, I forgot to mention that I have my hair done in Turquoise!  For some reason, we manage to "persuade" a couple of other people to do it. It was really funny, and random. In the end, 4 people including me got our hair dyed. =P

Max, Jason and Alex :)
Got to say thanks to Sheryiin and Esther for helping me with my hair and being supportive of my decision. =) haha! 

That is pretty much it for now. Going to watch Christmas Carol over at Guildhall later, basically I'm pretty addicted to watching movies, sleeping and waking up late! December, it is going to be a great one! 

With love,

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