Don't know, get to know =)

Christmas is around the corner! :) Are you excited?

Most of the local students staying in the Halls have went back. So it's really quiet now. It feels like the first few days when I just arrived here. I'm already starting to miss the presence of my flatmates and friends. All of them went back today. But I have a trip coming up real soon! so, fingers crossed that everything works out well  :)

I would say it's been a good epic week. Probably the funniest week so far, I have not laugh so much in so many days in a row, it feels like I should just quit laughing for a few days just so I could feel normal again.

who knew a joke could turn out to be the most random and spontaneous thing that happened? I had this diary that I brought it here and I'm nearly reaching to the end of it, so I told myself I would get myself a new journal as a Christmas present. A friend actually joked with me that he would get me a diary if I get him a souvenir from this upcoming trip! So I agreed...and ta daaaa!

I'm going to sound so dorky but look who is the new owner of a brand new awesome diary! Thank youuuu!

Having another "me" time and going to start packing! I'm starting to feel excited for this even though my day started pretty bad. I just lost all my contacts on my phone and the settings had to be reconfigured. All thanks to the security protection, and I swear I entered the correct password. But time to move on, I'll slowly collect all my contacts again, and I just want my phone data plan to work...especially WhatsApp. I'm addicted to it for now. 

Well, in case I am not able to blog before Christmas, I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! 

with love 

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