You have to be lost in order to be found

I guess at one point one of these things are bound to happen.

It's 4am now, I woke up at around 3.30am. With no particular reason, only with some slight troubling thoughts. I went off to bed quite early as well. 

I have always wondered, after reading The Secret, they say you can have anything you want. Ask and you shall receive. There is no such thing as too much of a good thing? What they fail to mention from the beginning except for some of the examples is that, there is always a balance. Ying and Yang. I've always believe the concept of everything comes in pairs. There's good and bad, light and dark, happy and sad etc. So when, The Secret proposed something that defies this concept, I went into confusion.

I suppose The Secret does not defy such concept. It's all in our thoughts, the emotion we convey. Not by force but from our hearts. Do we really feel happy? Can we feel it? So if something bad happens, its up to us to decide, in our minds and heart. We just have to believe and let the universe's power do its thing. The question that comes after that it time. How long? When? 

I was quite upset yesterday, over a few reasons. I feel unbalanced... Everything was fine and then someone tipped the scale. So now I'm working my way to find the balance again. I guess I was getting used to the feeling of being balance that I'm taking it for granted...? Basically now, I just have to work on it again, probably with another method. 

Isn't that what life is about? Everyday is a battle of thoughts and the decision you make to make life as how you want it to be. It's a job honestly. How to Live Your Life, is pure effort. Okay, not really a job but a lifelong effort. So never give up. :)

I made a decision to not let myself be bothered by it, but this morning, I manage to feel it. So fingers crossed that it works! It's all very experimental to me, so we shall see how it goes. 

I had to be the bad guy yesterday, bad mood, upset, emotional is all a very bad combination. Do something to annoy me and oh well, all the best to you? haha. But what I said was true, if you can't do what you say, when you say it then might as well save it. 

Hopefully there is some improvement, if there is isn't then I'm not really going to be bothered by it. 

Having said all that, more than ever I'm glad for all that happens. It makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin and that is the feeling that I have lost and now seems to be coming back.

Now I'm wondering if I should go back to sleep. 

Have a good day ahead :)
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