Hey :)

I'm sneaking in a blog post before I focus on my work again. I promise I'll concentrate on it after this blog post! Tried psyching myself into blogging after I'm done with my work as a treat, but failed, either my discipline is weak, or bribery doesn't really work on me.

Earlier today I removed a post, it wasn't a happy post and I thought by writing it out could sort of clear my mind, but after posting it, it just didn't feel right. It didn't seem necessary to put it out here and so I removed it and I feel loads better.

My college diploma graduation was a week ago and I was not there to attend. How did it feel? I admit, there was a twinge of sadness that I'm not able to wear the gown and throw mortarboard (graduation cap, I swear that is what it is called! google it!) but I didn't feel as much sadness as I expected myself to feel. Perhaps knowing that there is another one, and the fact that it brought much more meaning and effect to my life experiences consoled me.

Graduations, feels so soon and yet there is a long way to go. Part of me wish I could prolong the duration for so many reasons. There is a fear of what lies ahead, being a student has that security net around you no matter where you are. Graduating feels like you're set free to venture the world, I'm guessing it's only natural to feel excited and yet have fears of it.

But there isn't really any point in thinking or predicting how my life would turn out... Some things are best left to work its own magic ;) I just hope its for the best and hopefully my wish will come true *fingers crossed!*


I just came back (from the kitchen) after an epic conversation with junk food and a can of beer. So, back to work!

Good night!
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