Halloween 2011

It's been roughly a week since I wrote?

As usual, I'm suppose to be focusing on my work, but circumstances happened that caused me to have the urge to blog. Amazing. Why I can't I do this for my assignments? I wish I can write as freely as I do in blogs for my dissertation!

So lets see, I managed to went to Bath and after that it was Halloween. But I feel like talking about Halloween more because it's my first time experiencing Halloween like this. =) oh and also because of my parents request to see pictures. haha! 

Photo credits goes to Neo Sheryiin! We were actually shopping that day, bought some clothes and we had the urge to do a photo shoot Halloween themed!

I've never done something like this before but it was definitely a good experience. Usually, how they celebrate here is in the clubs so I splurged and bought a ticket for experience and having fun sake.

I can't tell you whats my character but its just funny. I'm a bit skeptical to share the pictures here but what the heck! I might as well share it now before I regret and take it down. 

Brief introduction, on the left is my flatmate and on the right is Sheryiin's flatmate. Successfully manage to scare us that night. haha :)

I guess I would call it an eye opening experience. I've seen it all in movies and all but I've never seen it real life.  I felt so weird with the face make up etc, but once we were out there I suddenly felt that we were very very conservative. But it's okay, I'm comfortable that way :)


So yes, basically that is about it. Nothing major, just drink and have fun in a club. Just glad I didn't get drunk and everything is okay.

cheers :)

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