South Sea and Oxford

 South Sea
I never realised how attractive or appealing the warmth of the Sun could be. It was a spontaneous outing, just 3 girls exploring the area around. A hot sunny day in Autumn, it was around 22 degrees Celsius. Everyone was out and about enjoying, soaking themselves in the sun. 

Went to the beach at Southsea, walked from our halls (it's not far, thank goodness :) ) Got to the beach and took off our shoes. Stony beach, but the warmth released by the stone is very very comforting indeed, not very comfortable to sit on though. 

So interesting to see that people automatically respond to heat, everyone was out and about. Gathering, drinking, chilling, spending some quality time with family...all thanks to the Sun. Conclusion? Warmth brings people together =)

Anyway, that was the only time we had such a weather. Unforgettable, I had a slight tan from that day itself. View was amazing, the smell of the sea was delicious but not overwhelming. Makes me kind of miss the warmth of the Sun now. Ever since that day, the weather has been getting colder and colder. 


Went for a day trip to Oxford organised by the University. Was kind of stressed out because it turned out the outing was right smack before our project review and I wasn't even done with it! What can I do? Had to put aside those worrisome thoughts and just go with it. In the end it wasn't too bad =)

4 bus filled with International and EU students went to Oxford. I've heard that the place was really nice, and good shopping. Not sure how right they are, maybe I went to the wrong places. haha 

The place we went was really small, I thought the town would be bigger. But it was definitely quite happening, student performances on the street. Music performers, Oxford students with their uniforms which I have to say looks very very awesome indeed!

I love their stationary shops the most! Beautiful, quality and quirky cards, notebooks/sketchbooks  ( Especially notebooks)  etc. It was honestly a torture, knowing you can see them but you can't have them. 

I guess this is classified as vandalism? I took it because, it's something not very historical and picturesque. I wished my LC-A+ is functioning. I lost the randomness and the urge to take photos without my LC-A+ around. 

Went around, and went into one of the oldest church in Oxford, St. Micheal's ( I hope my facts are right!) Went in, paid the entrance fee and went around and up to look at the view. Again, not as spectacular as I hoped it would be. It sounds kind of sad to hear my say like this, but don't get me wrong, it was still beautiful and I still enjoyed it very much. 

The streets was filled with people, I can't tell whether are they locally there or there was a lot of people visiting Oxford that day. 

This is the view from the top. We could see almost the whole town =) I still like Portsmouth better though. =P we all loved the shadows of the people on the street.

It was such a long and tiring day, but luckily things went on well after that. Project is done, taking a short break and working on other assignments before another project begins.

Cheers :)
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