So far so good

*must sit down quietly and blog!*

I'm seriously ignoring my duty to blog, duty? This is just for fun isn't it? I'm not sure if anyone still reads this actually. Blogging seems to be out of date but heck, it's still fun to ramble away as though someone is actually listening to you. ;)

random self shot. syiok sendiri haha!

It's already been 3 weeks! Honestly, until now, it never fails to surprise me how time flies. I'm actually surprise how comfortable I feel. I thought I would feel more homesick. It's a real fortunate thing to have come across people from Malaysia that seems to get along with each other and I have nice flatmates. So I guess basically, that's probably the reason why I don't feel much homesickness. Though yes, I have urges to have random chats with my family but it's difficult to do so thanks to the time difference. 

At first I'm a little put off, because the people here aren't what I thought they would be. But I've slowly come to terms that it really doesn't matter. These kind of processes takes a long time and I have to contribute my part before I can receive their contribution on their part. So I'm slowly coming to accept that, and always remember what is the reason why I am here. To learn and grow...oh and yes, to get my "oh so amazing degree".

It's been nearly a month, I wish time would not fly so fast. There is still so much more to do! Sometimes the excitement dies out and daily life routines starts to get monotonous, and then we just got to find something to spark the enthusiasm in us again.

heart <3 

Do you know what is going through my mind now?

Right now, I feel like going out, and yet I should be reading and researching as well as focusing on my project. Oh yes, I'm tempted to dye my hair. -_- thanks to the influence of a friend. Au natural no more? I shall give it some thought. 

Before I forget, I had pizza for lunch today. Yeah, doesn't sound like anything special but it's the most money I spent on my meal minus the one I spent celebrating a friends birthday. So it's quite a big deal! I'm thinking what the heck, I have been saving for nearly a month, I should just go for it once in awhile I suppose. =D Had a buffet in pizza hut with two of my flatmates. Honestly, their pizza here taste way better than the ones back home. I'm not anti Pizza Hut anymore (only applicable in the UK)

Alright, that is about it I suppose. I'm not going to discuss about my project, or dissertation. Not yet or at least I hope I won't because I just find it plain weird to talk about it here. 

Okay, now I'm gonna try to figure out what to do. I have to read but as I said, I feel like going out. Such conflicting thoughts!



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