It's nearly a week away from home. The furthest I've been away from home so far. Brings back memories when my dad told me if I hold my chopstick as far end as possible meant the further I will be away from home. Funny enough, I tried to hold my chopstick the furthest I could handle because I wanted to be far away from home. Had I known that I would want to be abroad? 

Many question comes to mind about staying abroad. I chose to go for one year, I think I wouldn't mind going for 2 years. There is no right or wrong, in the end a decision has to be made. 

Thanks to technology and creation of social media, people view living or studying abroad as something of a glam,trend, fun, holiday. Not denying that any of these are not true. But there is so much more behind those pictures. What does it really feel like to live in a foreign country where you don't know your way around, the choices you make and the people you meet affects most things. 

If we don't put ourselves out there, remove the box that created the boundary around ourselves, how can we grow? If we are not lost, how would we find our way? I hope in this coming few months, I am able to handle this situation. To meet new people, to gain new experience, to grow into something better that what I was. 

Living in a foreign country isn't always easy, being Asian generally the Westerners would think that we hail all the way from China. They probably think we can't understand much English. To be looked down as the lower class race. It's quite frustrating to be in these kind of situations. Nothing serious has happened but just a train of thought. Sometimes I see some of them, the way they talk to us, all I want to do is ask them to shove it and tell them I'm from Malaysia and I can bloody understand them. =X

I heard bullying might happen next week. Especially from local students to foreign students. I hope everything will be okay and I want to meet new people. To break that boundary and grow from there! It's very important to do so! 

Till next time, :)