Counting down, but before that...

I want to watch SMURFS! Cute blue tiny creatures in the land of Humans.

I just got back from Penang yesterday. Epic trip. I was advised to GO ALL OUT by my bro. I was suppose to savour all yummy food and leave all my guilty conscience and vanity back in KL!

Instead you know what happened?

I fell ill like right smack in my face. *face palm*

Only managed to eat Indian Food on the first night. Then my body immune system just decided to throw the white flag and surrender. Next day it was off to the doctors which I had to wait for like 2 hours, but forgiven because the doctor was good and dedicated. My whole body ached, throat was swollen and all I can think of is going back to bed.

So mum and god-mum went off on a delightful shopping trip while I slept. Thought when I woke up, I was able to have some me time and catch up on reading and writing. But by the time I woke up, they just came back. Oh well, but I got lovely gifts from this trip!

So today, I went out and watched Cars 2! Would be nice to watch in 3D I think. The animation is really good, but the story is a bit long and draggy. Nearly fell asleep =P Had a lovely time but I think I haven't fully recovered. So by the time I got home, I was so tired!

okay, time to catch some shut eye.

Good night!

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