Shake shake shake it off


Today started off pretty shaky. It's not bad but it wasn't good or great. I just wasn't in the mood. These past few days has been like that. But a few good things happened along today and made things better. :)

I was suppose to meet someone today regarding some freelance job. I went to the place, gave a call, waited awhile and then I received a call. So I got out of the car and I couldn't find that person so I called back. Turns out, we were both at different places! I felt that it was kinda funny and I should just go with the flow..;)

But as time went by, my mood started to dwindle gets frustrating, I don't know how to deal with it. It's like something I'm not fulfilling and it's always not taking a step or I don't realise it at all. I'm still learning to make a choice between feeling happier and being sad. It's a work in progress. 

Read a book, watch a couple of movies and it was getting better...went up to my room and chatted with a friend and felt heaps better. 

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