Sepang Gold Coast :)

11 Days to go! Gotta get started, a whole new journey awaits :)

Being neither a student nor an employee feels like being neither here nor there. Feels a little confusing, a little uncomfortable. There is some sense of security to be able to fall in a category of some sort. Human nature?

Anyway, while I was being unemployed, I went for a one day trip with a couple of friends to Sepang Gold Coast. We didn't do much beachy stuff while we were there (pun intended)

It was such a hot day, the tan lines on my neck is still there! (The trip was like 1 month ago) 7 people went, 6 pairs and a single which was me. Kinda odd. But I was okay with it, I get to shoot some pics which makes me happy enough for that day.

cool helicopter shot. surprise shot


These are using slide film, Rollei Digibase. It was my last roll, hopefully I am able to find this film again one day! It isn't overly saturated, the colour bleeds a little which is lovely and the grain on the film adds a very nice character to it.

After Sepang Beach, we went to Tanjung Sepat Famous Pau but in the end we did not try the pau. The queue was too long but bought very good coffee instead!

After that it was off to "yummy" seafood and lovers bridge which by the way wasn't so yummy and wasn't so lovely.

the address is here if interested :)

Tanjung Sepat Pau

from lovers bridge

#1 at lovers bridge

#2 at lovers bridge

#3 at lovers bridge

interesting day. I like the fact the beach was a lot cleaner than expected :)

more updates soon! Happy Independance Day and Happy Raya!