One night of insomnia and the rest of my day went haywire. It's a whole chain reaction, now I have to sleep late because of what I've missed out on doing what I was meaning to do earlier today. After this thing is done, I'm DONE for the time being! Say about the next 100 years?

I will somehow or rather, force myself to get out. I'm sick of facing the monitor screen...why is it taking me so long? Sometimes I dislike the whole process of it, the before, during and after...because when you're done, you are really never done.

Look at me rambling away. I have this tendency to not share or tell the exact details of whats going on. Its the whole internet thing.

In loving memory of Munchie.
I'm sorry you couldn't get well enough to continue your life.
But at least you don't have to go through the pain anymore.
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