Who needs colours? =)

I just spent my day reading the first 2 books of Harry Potter, napping and watching a movie. Rather productive and unproductive at the same time if you asked me. I can't believe how much I forgot about Harry Potter! and I used to be such a fan...! I was suppose to be working but I figured it's not point feeling guilty if I wasn't gonna do anything about it...

Ever since I've seen Vivian Maier 's work, I was and am totally hooked on black and white pictures!

I personally feel that it brings the photo to a whole new level. Don't cha think so? So, finally I tried it out and the results are quite surprising. These are some nices ones that are worthy of sharing. I'm still a little afraid of using b&w films and always not know when to use them!

I don't have like a series of photographs, it's pretty much jumble up so I find it hard to classify them.

Emily,getting her hair cut =)
this was taken at UCSI's Unifest. It looks like a rockin' good time but it wasn't =( 
It was raining, I was sick, it wasn't fun. Imagine trying to jump to the music while you're wearing those a plastic poncho,holding an umbrella,coughing and sniffling and raindrops falling on your head. it ain't a good sight!

The day we got conned to attend a talk about our career in a Plus building in the middle of somewhere. -_-
only the end bit was fun and somewhat inspiring...I think this was a few weeks after we graduated. We went to watch a movie at Pavilion after that, one of my favourite photos.

This turned out better than I expected! haha a day out at Pipit at Central Market.

While finding my way to Central Market.

I like this picture but to tell you the truth, I absolutely dislike the structure that they built. We all can see that it is a Wau and it's suppose to represent our unique culture etc. But it's just too literal for my liking.


more soon! =) have a good Sunday.