Listening to Light and Easy in the car at night just a while ago, felt like a few moments of bliss. No, I'm not turning old fashion or turning old at all. It's been a tiring week, sleeping schedule is way off track and my mind,body and soul are not in sync. 

Today is the day that things did not go so right. I'm partially in fault for showing my ever so famous agitated moods. All I felt was snapping back at people. Harsh weather, noisy shopping mall, screaming kids, ignorant oh so ignorant people and terrible service(as in so unprofessional and why in hell are you not doing YOUR job) really gets on my nerves. Inside my mind I was creating a scene of epic proportions...snap back to reality, all I did was suck it all in and grumble. 

Reflecting back and forth, my mind is filled with thoughts and wonders. I don't feel like partying, or trying to get updated with whatever is going on. I just feel like staying in or be somewhere that I can just  feel at peace.

Finally a month has passed...all I can say is, I'm longing for the day that I will be free. I feel sad that weekends are that short and the weeks are so long! Being in the working world is so different. Gone are the days of blissful ignorance of students. Now come the days of overcoming life's hurdles. Now it all comes down to me and what do I do about it.

Hopefully these coming months, things would get better and that I would get to figure out a lot more of other stuff. 

We must learn to never let the frustration get to us. 

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