Goodbye June


I'm back for now =) I've been so lazy to blog and rather use the remaining spare time to eat,sleep,tv, emo, and mostly just sleep.

Couple of updates!
  1. second month of working is coming to an end...It's only been 2 months and I've loads of stories to tell but I won't rant here, not worth this blog space!
  2. Decision has been made! it's such a relief and I won't give it so much thought for now. 
  3. I burnt a big hole in my pocket this month...but it feels G.R.E.A.T =P

mehh...normal everyday stuff. Just that this week, I actually came home crying after work. Just couldn't take the mental stress that was shoved to us. I don't know how the others can take it but I just couldn't. Really not worth the pain!

I feel artistically deprived somehow... FEED ME WITH SOMETHING CREATIVE! Really hope to be able to start taking some pics with film, I feel rusty. I need a direction!

I haven't developed my latest roll, and I haven't found anywhere near my house or where I work to develop my film.

But I had a good weekend =D better than what I'd hope for. So to spark up my blogging mood on, gonna share some pics that caught my eye as I write about other ramblings.

Went out today to Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC) A very upmarket place, my first time going there, but it's really a nice place to have a visit or two.

I have no pictures of the place so, I'm just going to make do with the ones from the net. Went to try out Tea Republic, nice,quaint, comfortable place. But it's the company that you have that determines whether you have a good time or not. =D

YUM CHA. chat over a cuppa tea. 

Well, that's about it for now. =) But before leaving, how cool it is to have this!!! :

A swimming pool in your living room! Check Manhattan Townhouse out for more pictures. Imagine accidentally shoving your guest into the pool. haha whether or not they offended you..

have a good week ahead ;)

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