Today I don't feel like doing anything


Oh dear, I wonder if anybody still reads this blog after so long!

I've only been working for 2 weeks but it seems like forever. Weekends are like mini treasures after a week of work. Being able to go online when I come back home doesn't seem to be so important but it also feels like a privilege.

Second week of work was tougher. It's more of getting used to the routine, reality hits you that work isn't like school anymore. Learning is one thing but to be able to apply it is another thing. It's not like learning how to add and subtract and the boss will give you a questions to solve. It's more like applying what are you going to use in that situations. They probably give you a bunch of numbers, roughly tell you what they one and you have to know what methods of you have to use to get the answer. Something like that...I've still got a long way to go!

So yeah, whole week was a bit of a downer for me. I had fever on Monday and it was that special time of the month for me. I think all hell breaks loose when a woman gets her period. womenly woes. lol! Did a workout session with my bro and the next day I wish I could just lie in bed and not do anything! By Wednesday, I have phlegm and my cough developed. ='( by Friday I was loosing my voice.

It was definitely a tiring week! To top it off, I reached home after mid-night on Friday. I think it's going to be definitely one heck of an experience working in this company. I can't decide how I feel about it really, a little early to decide.

I think my favourite thing for this week was yesterday, Saturday. Met up with the ex-housemates to have breakfast ;) A little sad because I couldn't meet all of them but nonetheless still had a great time. Big thanks for their treat! haha after that, in the afternoon we caught a movie. We watched Priest. Not too bad =)

I can't wait for more weekends to come! This week decided to stay in, to recuperate and hopefully get better from my cough. So today its just perfect for Bruno Mars- The Lazy Song. Really hoping by tomorrow I won't be coughing my lungs out so much. =(

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