starting to smile again

Hi =)

Dropped by college again and collected my film as well! Here's some of it to share:

On the day that I went to see Hot Air Balloons at Putrajaya...what a dismay! I only saw a few balloon designs =/ and manage to catch Darth Vader for a few minutes. Maybe shouldn't have went on the first day so we checked out Taman Warisan and Taman Pertanian instead.

Big bummer at Taman Warisan, so disappointed with their management! I think they have like 20++ bicycles and not of them worked! We wanted to rent but they told us "semua rosak" !@#%!! The park was hugee so we changed course and went to Taman Pertanian instead...

These are some shots from there, was trying out this new film I bought. Rollei Digibase and it says it's from Belgium... The colours does not run like the other slide films, it's a little more saturated than normal films but still very natural. I think some of the pics that I got, if I could expose it more it would be brighter and clearer. I think it looks quite nice with contrasting colours like blues,reds and yellows.

Not much pictures to take at that time. Felt like everyone wasn't really liking the moment and rather annoyed by the weather and I was rather annoyed by the complaints.. *shrugs*

pet cookie and!
These were taken at a park near my place. One day, I just decided to walk to the park...and it's a long distance! But it's good exercise and a good long walk. 

It's nice seeing families and couples enjoying their time together.. exercising, having picnic, over feeding the poor tortoises in the pond, flying kites =) but what I didn't like was the rubbish they left behind...=/

on that very day, my parents and I went to try this new restaurant and they were serving Russian, Middle Asia and Western food. So we ordered some of the Russian food to try and one Kebab. I would say it was "interesting" not very appealing but interesting indeed. Basically not easy to get used to. Drinking soup that taste light diluted sour yoghurt with sausages and vegetables in them is bizarre!

And it was so expensive =/ totally got conned by them because they served bread and charged us without notifying us. Charged us for the yoghurt in the soup even thought it was part of the ingredient...Good thing is, I've tried Russian food and my feet is still in Malaysia. lol!

That's about all! ;) Next I'm going back to Holga for a bit and gonna brave up myself to try black and white with the LC-A+.

much love =)

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