Pieces of the week

Having a pretty intense week emotion-wise... 

as long there is progress right? No matter how big or small it is... progress is still progress. It's tough =/, sometimes its just too intense. So...I must not loose hope! I still can fight this, have not given up yet. I just found out recently what was it that I was going through. I'm not shocked, but I can say that knowing what it does terrifies me and I want to fight this! 

Right now I don't feel like sleeping. Maybe until this week is over then I will try to train back normal sleeping hours.

Anyway, I'm gonna blog(duh!) haha. I found an image from Colour Collective and it's a great blog. I saw this image and the colour scheme is so beautiful. So far, I haven't gotten bored of it yet. =)

I think I wanna start an "inspiration" book. Like collecting pictures I like and sticking them into the book but I'm quite lazy to actually transfer the printer and print it out. =X Gotta figure out how...or plain simple, just be more hardworking. hehe

I went to IOI mall yesterday, went to DAISO and fell in love with the shop all over again. I especially love their notebooks. Bought a grid note book...*guilty pleasure* but I always never have the heart to use them unless I know I can restock them easily. =P

looks something like this but the squares are a lot finerrr

I came across this book while I was browsing around Popular. It's a compilation of short stories of how the animals came to be what they are. I mean, don't expect to read about dolphins, lol the title is Orang Asli Animal Tales.

It's more like a folklore, compilation of short stories about some animal habits and how they came to that habits. It's more of a light,easy reading kind of book. Suitable for anyone including or especially children. It teaches moral values, simple and enjoyable book. I like the fact that it's a local book, plays a role in Malaysia's cultural heritage. It cost around RM20.00 

book cover

illustrations inside

got these cute chocs from my foundation lecturer. haha cute! I finally got back all my foundation work. ;) nothing like chocolate to cheer you up. I miss Cadbury Blackforest.

 something that cheered me up immensely a few nights ago. Finally won some awards at Lomography!!! haha no they don't give any prizes but it's still AWESOME. ^^ I've been trying to get one and boom! came 12. But there's one I'm dying to get but it hasn't happened yet.  

Last but not least, 

meet Cookie ;) named like that because when I first got it, it was soo darn round. 

okie. thats all I got for now...

take careee!