weee....been catching up on my reading which is good =) but I tend to fall asleep while I'm reading. What a disgrace...? lol Was bugging Justin awhile on what to do...he told me to just enjoy the holiday of doing nothing. I'm already doing that but I'm starting to feel like I'm turning into goo. Feel my cells degenerating somehow...

Yes well, starting to have things to do...and after that have to find things to do...hrm not to ecstatic about it but have to keep an open mind. lol

Good news of the day...my results came! =) I'm satisfied with it so yeah. I'm glad. I'm going to give myself a pat on the back ^^ and it was fun to see my mum prank my dad. haha

I'm going to start using back my Holga 135BC again. It's a waste to not use it..time to give LC-A+ a short break. I had a dilemma on which film to use...owh well lets hope I'll go somewhere interesting to capture some scenes. I'm too homey...always staying at home. lol!

I'm craving for sushi now....I want to go Sushi Zanmai..I'm also craving for some pub-like atmosphere...In due time!

Gd nighttttt
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