2am Update ;)

I forgot what time I slept. I think it is around 11 plus and I woke up at 2 am. Now I'm wide awake. These seem to happen quite frequent but I usually go back to sleep. Mentioned about having weird dreams, I just had one, sometimes after I read the dreams seem to feel related to it although its a different topic altogether.

This time I dreamt about weird people, who felt like aliens to me. As in, really literally aliens but they don't look like aliens. They look pretty human to me, and NO I did not read about any alien stories. I was flipping through a magazine before I slept.

All these dreams are giving me funny feelings all over. It could be the heat in the current weather...

I just finished reading The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. It's an overall pleasing book to read. Not too intense and not too boring. I think it could be a good literature book for students. After reading the book, I watched the movie and I realised although they were successful in bringing the overall emotion and message from the book but having read the book, it lacked intensity. I guess all books to movie are like that unless you're talking about Lord Of The Rings. So yeah, reminded me how much detail we missed when we watch but do not read.

Going out tomorrow/later today to collect something. I'm wondering where should I go after that =) I've been home most of the time, time for me to go out. I feel like taking some pictures since I've uploaded a new film into the Holga. I want to have some coffee break time too..=) lol

I'm having this craving to buy books. @_@ or maybe I should catch a movie?

More importantly now, I have to prioritise! There are things now that I must get started on before I regret anything. =) can't help but feel a wee bit nervous...for what I'm not sure. I'm getting ahead of myself thats what..

Taking small steps is better than no steps ;)

sweet dreams!
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